Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yeah n stuff - potpourri

I have pics to post of the dress I finally got around to making for that 2nd giveaway I did on Jessica's blog but ElCid is hogging the computer that is willing to talk to my SD card so they will have to wait.

I'm getting bags of costumes for BATB on a daily basis and I'm brainstorming how to make it all work, and how to get it all done. Lucky for me a friend from PTSO wants to learn to sew more and is willing to help.

I'm trying to reorganize in the girls' rooms again and it really comes down to the massive amounts of ... stuff...they have. So the new motto is if it won't fit nicely it goes! I bought Fred and Jr. those cube shelf things from T@rget in white, they wanted black but I didn't think it was as versatile as a color for use later and there was only one and I wanted them to match. Fred hasn't had too many issues but my baby hoarder in training has had quite a few tearful moments but Kathy will be proud that I stuck to my guns and forced her to make decisions. There are pictures of this disaster but they won't be posted until I have after pictures to go alongside them!

Keep your fingers crossed that Friday will have good weather. For the first time in 11 years I need it to be warm! We are having the Family Picnic at school and we've had a very positive response but if it's cold, windy and cloudy these wimpy Nevadans will turn tail and run!


Karen Valinda said...

Pictures! Pictures! Hi Ddonn, wishing you all the warm weather we were having last week ;-}

Happy Birthday Fred ! ! ! 22 April

Safire said...

Fingers crossed for you!