Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday - It's Thanksgiving for treat food!

Food and commercials are what a houseful of girls would like best about the Super Bowl, right? They would probably wander away during the actual game and get distracted, right?

Not here!

Thanks to ColtFan Jr is GLUED to the TV and Fred & George are right by her side. They are commenting on plays, sighing with frustration when things don't go "right", and actually listening to the announcers. Someday, somewhere 3 men will have ColtFan to thank for their wives interest in football and I think it's great!

As for the food we're having caramel Puffcorn, cream puffs, french fries, mini corndogs, mini burgers, 2 different bags of mixed Doritos & 3 kinds of soda.

They have laughed right along with most of the commercials but some of them make me wonder if my kids are old enough to watch the Super Bowl! I know they are targeting males ages 14 - 45 but little girls are watching too!

It's halftime and the Colts are still winning, hopefully it will stay that way or Jr. will be so sad!


An Wanna said...

I am voting for the Colts too! But it is because they have the better logo. We don't have fun snack food cuz it is just me watching and I got home from church right before half time.

Katie Gubler said...

Did the girls survive the pain of the loss? I'm sorry, girls!!!
Aunt Katie

Karen Valinda said...

I missed out entirely because I hang with the wrong crowd -(losers!)- and I just kept up with the score by refreshing the site on my cell phone as we did other things! (Which were LOTS of fun but still not the SuperBowl) yeesh To quote my husband... the choices we make... but I ate less than I would of at Aunt&Uncle's house so I am healthier for it, right?
Sorry Jr! Just wasn't their night.