Thursday, February 4, 2010

Now that's a magnet!!

My current project is for All Shook Up. I'm working on reversible skirts. The first closure I used was a snap and I knew it wasn't perfect, I wanted a magnet closure. The run of the mill ceramic magnets you find at your local JoAnn/Micheal's also weren't going to cut it. Nowhere else to look I turned to and they had the answer. Neodymium magnets. They are a metal magnet and the first set I bought has a pull force of 16 lbs. That's enough pull to keep me from being able to get them apart! That's also enough pull that once I got them apart I was able to keep them separated by putting them on my wooden shelves...they would stick to screws under a half inch of wood! The 2nd set I bought had 5 lbs of pull and both sets together seem to be my answer.

Here is one of the four skirts. The idea is that the girl spins out of the skirt and then back in to a different color. From drab to fab!

Here are all 3 skirts stuck together by the magnets hanging from my light.

Neodymium magnets, I had no clue they existed a week ago but WOW they are amazing! They could pull a filling out of a tooth!


Kathy said...

I will definitely be keeping them out of my mouth.

Karen Valinda said...

and keep them away from Marshmellow! If he swallowed one stuff could stick to all sorts of his parts :-o
Beautiful skirts Ddonn!

An Wanna said...

Those magnets sound like cool phings!

Safire said...

Juice likes this.