Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So here are my plugs for various friends :)

Jessica is launching a Vlog and wants everybody to go see it. It launches on Monday and knowing Jessica it will be super funny!

Sandra is working on various new projects one of them being her Princess business, she's looking for blog followers and facebook friends. She's working on MY website so go friend her and show extra support. :)

As for me I'm working on Valentines day, Alice & ASU. Here's a peek at Jr's dress.

I'm a very dedicated mommy and put luscious pink ruffles all down the back!


Dear Matt said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress!!!!! The back of it, is to die for...well not really die...but seriously, I LOVE it!!!!! Isabel would love that!!!!!! How much?!?!

An Wanna said...

The dress is gorgeous but what t he crap is on your tv in the 2nd pic?

Karen Valinda said...

I love the dress but am partial to the dressee (Jr) and the dresser (Ddonn) ;-}
I thought the TV was off in the second shot...

wv: cruck ;-Þ

Safire said...

So so cute! That dress is amazing! :)

The Lowe Family said...

the back of that dress is LOVERLY!!!!!!!

and sandra, well, i didn't even KNOW she had a business blog. i'm headed there right now!