Wednesday, February 3, 2010


These pictures make me ask a lot of questions ....
(taken about 4:30 pm yesterday)

Why is my kid sleeping in a box and not in her bed?

Why does she cry so much that I send her to bed just to hear myself think?

Why does my 5 yr old fit "comfortably" in a box?

Why aren't all those clothes in the hamper?

Why do they think the hallway is where dirty clothes belong?

Why do they have so many clothes?

Why don't they sort the laundry and put it away without a fight?
(We're still working on that whole task chart thing)

When will people start listening to me before I shout?

Why do they push me until I freak out? Is it fun for them?

How long will she stay asleep?

How long will she continue to think boxes are the best toys ever?

What would I do without my sweet Bitty George?


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Kathy said...

I think she needs more sleep at night. Her older sisters had an hour earlier bed time at her age.

Karen Valinda said...

George is a Cutie!!!

Dear Matt said...

I'm thinking that you should give them all benadryl around noon each day. That's what I do....okay, not really.

I think the answer to all those questions are, "why not"?

An Wanna said...

I have all the answers! Ok well some are reply questions.
-she is related to Aunt Beki
-cuz she refused to eat for all those years
-what hamper?
-where else would they go?
-you buy them
-fighting is fun
-never, sorry
-For fun, so yes
-not long enough
-a while
-spend more time harassing your other 2 children

The Lowe Family said...

i had a meltdown today and i screamed so loud i think my neighbors called CPS.

i also sat in my running car with my two babies in the driveway for 15 minutes and cried my eyes out because my two biggest children just DONT APPRECIATE ANYTHING.

i was told i'm the meanest mom EVER and i get meaner and meaner every single day.

i'd MUCH rather have babies in boxes. be thankful.