Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Unloading my camera card

Here is some stuff that has been hanging out on my memory card. I figured more people could appreciate them here. They are kind of hard to share otherwise.

George crying and carrying on about some nonsense and being consoled by Mallow.

ElCid combing Mallow while Mallow does some dog yoga.

My Sexy Man with his Christmas Beard.
I think he should keep the goatee part!

I walked into the kitchen after taking Jr to dance class last night and started talking to George about how she wanted her dinner fixed...

She wouldn't answer me and I walked over to get her attention and discovered why she wasn't paying attention ...

She stayed asleep until until Mallow jumped up on her to attck her zipper. I then moved her to her bed and she slept until ElCid came home and we had cheesecake and opened presents.

My old man, couldn't hear the singing, maybe its time for a hearing aid ;). We took pity on him and used a #3 candle and five single candles so he wouldn't collapse a lung trying to blow out 35 individual candles.

George crying and carrying about some nonsense ... wait that sounds familiar ... in the hall.

She had fallen asleep while on time out. Why was she on time out? She was crying and "couldn't stop" at my house that means you're tired. Why was she wearing the helmet? Because it's one of her favorite accessories. No really.

I have been in YW nearly two years. It doesn't seem I will be headed back to Primary anytime soon so I bought a new bag to reflect my grown up calling. Isn't it BEAUTIFUL?

Look how nicely it fits all my stuff!

All right memory card cleared.
The only pictures you didn't see are posted on Kathy's blog.
She is way more brave than I will ever be!


Kathy said...

Hey, I like that picture of ElCid. Maybe it is the white wall background of the other one.
George with the helmet is hilarious!
I hope some uses a 3 candle on me next year.

Tine said...

its a VERY nice bag. i want to be in YW so i can get one too! and george just misses her AuntTami, she never did that when I helped take care of her.

An Wanna said...

Hey George is old enough to fly now. You could have her fly up here to visit AnTami.

Karen Valinda said...

Nice pictures, nice bag, nice old geezer... I mean young man. Too bad Fred and JR never have tantrums. What? if they did I am sure there would be photos...especially the asleep on the edge of the table kind.
wv: cersin, sure. Of that I am cersin

Zanne said...

Happy Birthday to ElCid. I thought to myself - isn't it his birthday? But there wasn't anything about it on Ddonn's blog, so maybe I am wrong. Yay for ElCid and yay for me not being crazy. Beautiful purse. Cute George.

An Wanna said...

Umm isn't it this year Aunt Kathy?

Kathy said...

Yes, it is this year! Crap, thanks for reminding me. My brain is still set in December.

The Lowe Family said...

love the organized bag. i love being organized!!

i'm glad i'm not the only one taking pictures of my kids when they're crying and carrying on. i love to capture the pathetic-ness and then show them later how ridiculous they looked.

on my way to kathy's now!