Friday, January 8, 2010

Going Rogue

Samsung Rogue that is.

After two years of happiness with my darling orange LG enV I upgraded today. My new phone unfortunately isn't orange but it is pretty tricked out!

I considered the DROID but decided I don't really need that many whistles and bells. ElCid did go ahead with that one and it has unlimited GPS use in it. Yes, I'm grinning.

The Rogue has a touch screen and slide out keyboard which was why it won out over the Eris. I don't like typing on the screen, I'm bad at it.

I'm working on getting used to the touch screen and trying to figure out how it all works. I kind of miss speed dial but I guess that was one of the things that got scrapped in the name of progress.

I can post on facebook with it but not too often or I'll use up all my MB. I get 25 a month. We are going to be doubling our minutes on the 26th, ElCid and I don't think 700 is enough to share. With the jump in minutes I also get to choose 10 numbers outside of Verizon to call for free ... who wants to make that list?

I'll start accepting bribes now and let you know who makes the list on the 26th.


Karen Valinda said...

Bribes? Bribes? Check out your island doors and drawers...and if that doesn't help me how about the old "I brought you into this world" without the usual accompanying threat ;-} Actually I just need to remember I can txt you because I have unlimited (2500)txts. That means I will still love you best even if I am not one of the 10 :-o

Kathy said...

I think you still have speed dial-you just have to figure it out. Lottie has an EnV touch and she has speed dial.

An Wanna said...

Well at least Peter has good taste in phones. =P

The Lowe Family said...

*cough* iphone *cough*

Valinda said...

not on AT&T, don't like typing on the screen and while my husband is a partner he doesn't make that much money!