Thursday, January 14, 2010

Potpourri from Boring Me

Monday - Worked like crazy to finish the project that was due on Tuesday. Why wasn't it all closer to being done? Well that would be because my serger that I paid $109 to be fixed wasn't really fixed. On Saturday I drove my MIL home from the airport and borrowed hers. (Thanks! You're a live saver!) It was also bulletin board day for Mrs., PTSO afternoon meeting and dance class for George & Jr.

Tuesday - Mommy Helper for Teacher Barbie. Finished up the last little bit on the project and took pictures to send the client. She liked it (once the pictures finally sent - an irritating saga) - phew! But with McDonald's night for PTSO, driving the girls out to Taekwondo and running the activity for the Laurels it didn't get sent until Wednesday. Oh well.

Wednesday - Mommy Helper for ColtFan. Post to send the box. Bribed George to be good while running errands with McD's for lunch. JoAnn, Heddy's and WalMart to get the rest of the items for the next project and for teaching at RS meeting. Traced 3 patterns 12 times, collected fabric, sissors, tape measures, pins, etc. for my lesson. Awesome big fight with Fred over art. Went to church and taught several people about sewing. It was actually fun. :). Got home at 9:30 and no one got enough sleep.

Today - Mommy Helper for Teacher Barbie. Returned wrong color fabric to JoAnn, exchanged for right color fabric. Remembered the trim while I was still there. Ran to Sam's for some groceries.

That basically brings us to now. I really had nothing to write about and no time to write nothing so now you're all caught up on my lame-o life.


Dear Matt said...

So what your saying is, you haven't done anything all week long?

The Lowe Family said...

i swear i've scolded you in the past for posting all that you do on ur blog. i wears my eyeballs out. like they literally crack into little pieces and fall outta my head. like spongebobs.

Valinda said...

I just wanted to let you know where I've been so I wouldn't be put on time out!

An Wanna said...

I was gonna get a Sam's club card but I didn't have money and now the one here is closing.

Karen Valinda said...

I love your what I did blog Ddonn! It is way more interesting than if I recounted MY week...

Kathy said...

Let's see-Monday I cleaned my house and talked to you on the phone.
Tuesday-I cleaned my house and talked to you on the phone and went to Wal-Mart.
Wednesday-I spent all day at Kelly Services and the Social Security Office and talked to you on the phone.
Today-I spent the morning at the DMV and Kelly Services and went walking and played Raving Rabbids and Wii fit.
Hmmm, I better get a job soon. I may go insane with the boringness of it all.

WV: reged-Kelly Services ran me reged this week.