Friday, January 15, 2010

Hormones + Fred = I QUIT!!!

My friend Jessica does a flash back Friday post. Today she posted about her cute boy Jake who is exactly a month younger than Fred. Her post made me sigh in relief because maybe, just maybe I'm not the only one with a kid that needs to be sold to the Gypsies!

Fred has never been an easy child. She got "stuck" on her way out and after 28 hours of back labor ended up a c-section. She cried for the first 4 months of her life and I nearly had a mental breakdown. She is wicked smart and has always kept me on my toes. She wasn't ever destructive but wow did she get herself into trouble!
From age 4 - 8 Fred was pretty great. She was fun, she loved her sisters, she was an okay listener, she mostly believed me when I told her things, she was a really good kid.
Now things are different. She screams, she kicks and cries like she did when she was 3. She doesn't like (she's not allowed to say hate) all of us especially me on a daily basis. It really doesn't hurt my feelings but I really do want to strangle her! She is mean to her sisters. She won't do things until she is forced into it. She is always picked on.
The big fight we had on Wednesday over art was because I wanted her to go. She fought me for 45 minutes that she didn't want to go. She had no reason she just didn't want to. Finally when it was time to leave I gave her a choice get in the car or sit on her bed for the rest of the day. She continued to say she wasn't going so I told her fine she was on her bed and escorted her there. She proceeded to scream herself hoarse that she did want to go and I was mean because I wouldn't take her. I love my Fred but I know the next 6 years are only going to get worse and I'm not sure if I'm equipped to handle them!


Kathy said...

I don't see her pulling out of puberty any time soon! Good luck.

Karen Valinda said...

She wasn't "stuck" mommy, she was posterior, like you were, and the doctors now a days won't turn posterior babies, like they did with you -twice because you turned back the first time- so she had to be c section. And the colic hurt her more than it did you... physically anyway. Emotionally/mentally I am sure you and ElCid were the losers(as in suffered more)
I have too many stubborn kids to bs you on the refusal to do stuff...I always blame it on your dad, personally. I have a sneaking suspicion he probably pins it on me.
Two of your siblings have permanent scars from your fingernails so I am thinking ElCid escapes being the source of mean to sisters part. Actually she seems pretty normal...with a huge streak of stubborn. I have seen sisters far more ornery to each other - that is meant to be reassuring to you, NOT to excuse mistreating her sisters.
She is awesomely funny and smart and cute, reminds me all the time of MY oldest daughter (who I wouldn't trade for the world-or all the tea in China ;-)
I think she has a hard time telling people the "why" of how she feels, me too.

Safire said...

All sounds pretty normal to me, sadly. I am NOT looking forward to this stage with my own first born. You can get through it and then I know I'll be able to. :)

The Lowe Family said...

What's this crap about "the next 6 years"? Are you getting rid of her after that? Cuz i'm pretty sure that our teens will continue to fight us until they leave the house, am i right? does it end at 16???

hang in there sista...i'm in the same boat. let's ride it together!

An Wanna said...

Well I was going to say why only 6 years? She won't be 18 by then, but that would only illustrate mom's people are mean to their sisters point so I won't say that.

I could find you a nice how NOT to kill your teenage daughter when she is a snotface book. But I'm not sure if you like those type of books or if you read the last book I got you....

Hillary said...

Good luck!

Linda said...

All I can say is "pick your battles". As the mom, because your hormones are MORE stable, you get to be the adult (really stinks sometimes! I would REALLY love to pitch a complete fit.) She will grow up and you'll be all the more patient because of it :-) Sure love you both.