Saturday, January 9, 2010

Are you a batter or a baller?

I am a batter. Today however I was pressed into service as a baller - you know the person who throws the ball, chases the ball and gets told how to throw the ball. When Fred first started watching Cubbies with ElCid she called everyone but the batter a baller it was cute and as you can see the term stuck.

Here are some of the great pieces of conversation you would have heard had you been at the park with us ...

Me to Jr - Don't throw balls at people who aren't looking!
(A ball narrowly missed my head as I set my purse down)

Fred to George - You nearly hit me with the bat!
Me to Fred - Well maybe you ought to back away a little bit further!

Me to Jr. after a very wild pitch - Throw the ball at me!
Me to Jr. after the next pitch - Throw the ball at the front of me!

ElCid had a good hustle going on and was teaching the girls a few sports terms, it was very cute. George managed to throw a few pitches close enough to me that I actually hit them. By the end Fred was hitting the ball pretty regularly and Jr. had wandered off to blow wishes (dandelion fluff) on a hill nearby.

We rode to the park and after riding to get George from school yesterday and to the park today I've decided my bum it too old for that seat and I need a cushier one! The seat, my bum is cushie enough.


Karen Valinda said...

Cushie seats are fun! I got one for my bike but one of your brothers appropriated it!
Yeah ElCid! You'll have a ball team yet :-o

An Wanna said...

It looks like they had fun! And it seems like George is taking after her sisters and being too tall and skinny to have pants that fit right...

Zanne said...

They make nice seats made out of gel. Riding bikes is a whole lot more fun when you aren't saddle sore.

Maybe I wouldn't have made David so mad at me when we were kids, if MY dad had taken me to the park to play ball once in a while. David loved baseball, and he got really mad if I didn't catch the ball.

The Lowe Family said...

i like the capri's with coats look. its nice. and i'm always a better baller. i used to be a catcher when i played for 6 years!!