Saturday, January 16, 2010

Movie Saturday

This morning I woke up "late", after 9, it was so nice. HC#2 is here for the weekend and the girls were bouncing off the walls I sent them out to play and they actually went out and stayed out. Then they came in begging to See Alvin and The Chipmunks the Squeakquel. ElCid finally got paid (that was a LONG and PAINFUL 2 weeks) so I caved and took them. It wasn't as annoying as the first one but that's probably because I knew what to expect. They had a great time and went back to playing fairly well once we got back. A few of the previews were more than George could handle, she certainly won't be seeing Alice in Wonderland, Percy Jackson or ... I don't remember the other one dubbed "too scary!"

I got a little bit of work done this afternoon and watched part of the 1949 Little Women it has Elizabeth Taylor, Janet Leigh, Margret O'Brien, and June Allyson (the only name of the four I didn't recognize). When I told ElCid who was in it he blinked and asked if he was supposed to know who they are.

This evening ElCid and I went to see AVATAR. I had seen the previews and really was lukewarm about it. ElCid was determined that we see it and definitely in 3D. I don't do 3D. It makes me nauseous, gives me a headache and I don't have a good time.

I drag ElCid to chick flicks all the time and he rarely complains so I decided to see this movie his way and do my best to like it. It wasn't hard. The story is a tad predictable but they keep you waiting for the events to unfold so I started second guessing my instincts but I was right - YAY!

Jessica was totally right it very much Fern Gully.

Spoiler Alert - The good guys win but it's not an easy win so it is realistic. I would say see it but maybe not Kathy. For the Marine to be transported into the mind of the avatar he's closed in a casket like box. I think she'd like the movie but the entire time he's in the avatar body I know part of her would be screaming "Help!!! He's locked in a box!!! Help!!!!".

While I was in the line for soda a group of 6 little boys probably about 7 were talking about the movie they were going to see and how cool it was that it was in 3D. I really hope the dad that was with them felt really stupid more than once during that movie because it was so not a 7 yr old kind of movie. I also appreciated the couple in front of us with 2 boys one about 4 and the other about 7 ... both with awesome hacking barky coughs. Get a sitter! Speaking of sitters our girls had a blast hanging out at their friend's house which also made the whole date night less expensive - thanks guys!

Next weekend we're going to Disney On Ice (thanks Dad!) I hope the girls don't think these fun outings are going to be a weekly thing from now on, my wallet isn't that well loaded :)


Karen Valinda said...

June Allyson was in a lot of the World War II movies, the plucky wife of a pilot who gets shot down, etc. Most recently- 5 or more years ago she was doing depends commercials ;-}
Just checked IMDB and she was 5'1" and 99 lbs in 1945(when Harvard Lampoon voted her worst actress of the year, they voted Van Johnson worst actor, never bothered his career either!) - Little Women was in 1949. It also said her mom talked her into the Depends commercials, as a way to help people too embarrassed to discuss the topic.
Glad you had a fun day, I loved Avatar when Buh took me, my first 3D movie EVER and we had GOOD glasses so no headache, eyestrain or nausea ;-}

An Wanna said...

I'm surprised Jessica is the only person you have heard mention Fern Gully when talking about Avatar. Most of the reviews I have read about Avatar mention it by name...

Zanne said...

So, if you like Fern Gully? But what if you like Fern Gully because of batty and the gila monster song mostly? "I have a basic inclination...if I'm gonna eat somebody, it might as well be you." :P
I think we will have to see Avatar at the discount theater, and maybe one at a time or something. I', glad you enjoyed it.

Safire said...

Lucky duck for going to see 2 movies in one day! I'd be lucky to see 2 movies in one year.

Linda said...

Have fun at the Disney on Ice...sounds like fun!