Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Singing in the rain! - Potpourri

Actually I'm not singing but I feel like it! The rain is soft and steady outside my window and it sounds like home.

I got Quantum Leap season 5 disk 1 for my Netflix and the girls and I are watching the Lee Harvey Oswald episode, it's a little confusing for them but they seem to like it.

I finished the project of the week and mailed it along with the 2nd Frog Princess that has been on layaway. I don't have a project for next week but that's okay, I need to get some laundry, dishes and cleaning done.

It's kind of frustrating that I work so many hours just to cover bills. If I do all this I figure we ought to get some fun out of it!

I'm going to start working on All Shook Up soon, I'm slated to make several pieces including some reversible skirts. It should be fun!

I watched an awesome show on the Spanish Influenza epidemic of 1918 this morning at 1 am. It helped me understand why people get so freaked out about it. That epidemic killed more than half a million people in the US and 30 million world wide. It was on PBS American Experience.

I'm going to make time tomorrow to go spend a Borders gift card I got for my birthday, any suggestions on what to get??


Me said...

A cookbook to add cool stuff to the food blog! :)

Kathy said...

OMG! I have, like, totally heard that the Twilight series is like, the best books ever! You should totally buy those.

Dear Matt said...

Quantum Leap....I use to LOVE watching that show! I always liked watching him play a girl.

An Wanna said...

No one believes that Vegas has rain.... And why were you up at 1am? I think that is wayyyy past your bedtime.

Karen Valinda said...

A "HOW TO" book...
Survive your daughter growing up
Clean efficiently (Aslett or S.H.E)
Keep the Mystery in your Marriage
Keep the dog busy 'elsewhere'
Redecorate your reclaimed living room
Put your mom in a home without computer access ;-Þ

Get something enjoyable but USEFUL, you are almost old enough to appreciate the useful as much as the enjoyable... I got there in my 30's so you are getting close *o^
wv:onsterr distant cousin of 'onstar' a system to notify the Food Network folks of Kitchen dilemnas Hey! I have to get to work here! I don't get paid to comment on blogs.

Linda said...

enjoy your very well deserved break!