Monday, November 23, 2009

The LLT Lunch Fiasco

ElCid joined LLT in Dec. of 2000. Fred was 8 months old. We attended the Christmas Party the weekend before ElCid started work. We missed the Thanksgiving Lunch that year and I didn't realize back then just how lucky I was.

Don't get me wrong, the food is good, it's well organized and I'm sure some of the people who work there look forward to it every year. I don't and here's why -

2001 - Fred was 1 & 1/2 and Jr. was 6 weeks old. It was a nightmare. Fred was running all over, whiny and uncharacteristically Jr. spit up all over me.

2002 - Fred and Jr. behaved just fine running and whining fully expected this time around so it wasn't a surprise. My Extra Kid was also in attendance, quite characteristically he puked all over.

2003 - Fred, Jr & My Extra Kid did the required whining, running, complaining thing. Fred decided halfway through the lunch she wanted some butter from the middle of the table and dumped her soda all over herself and the entire table.

2004 - Fred had school that morning and George was making her debut at the office so I had 4 kids I was trying to corral as well as whatever our donation was that year. I got to the office a few minutes late, it was all locked up for the lunch and I needed help getting inside. I tried to call ElCid on his cell, no answer. I tried to call the office # and just got the recording that says Hi we're having lunch so call us back in an hour. At this point the 3 oldest are whining, running and complaining loudly. I finally get a hold of ElCid and we get in. My Extra Kid dumps his cup all over himself this year.

2005 - Fred is in Kindergarten and has AM school as well as Jr has AM pre-K that day. After running all over to gather people we get to the office in the nick of time. The kids are pretty much into the habit by now so there is slightly less whining this year. George pukes on me.

2006 - Fred is in all day school! I am down one kid! Jr. has AM pre-K and My Extra Kid has PM K. We scoop up Jr. and go. We stay for 30 minutes and then rush My Extra Kid to K. No one barfed that year, we weren't there long enough!

2007 - Fred is in all day school, My Extra Kid is in all day school! Two kids down! Jr. has AM K and after grabbing her we get there, have lunch and Jr. decides to drown her self and her sister with fruit punch during dessert.

2008 - Fred is in all day school, My Extra Kid is in all day school, Jr is in all day school! Three kids down! Things should have been better but weren't. The short version is, George barfed.

2009 - Hey, that's today. It was just George and I and 2 pies who went to lunch. Cherry Crunch pie (& Pumpkin but that's not part of the story). Cherry Pie George wanted to eat for breakfast and was told no it's for lunch and had a fit over. Cherry Pie George thought she got to eat once her butt hit the seat in the car and was told no, not until later and had a fit over. Cherry Pie George thought she got to have just as soon as we got to the office and was told no you have to wait for prayer and whined and lolled in my lap and complained loudly about waiting. Cherry Pie she FINALLY got a piece of only to discover it had been desecrated by the gravy and had a fit over. On the way out she did happily remark that she hadn't puked and wasn't that great?

2010 - I better not get in a car accident on the way. Now I just jinxed myself.


Karen Valinda said...

Which gravy? Real gravy or the soupy part of the cherry pie filling?
2010 - no kids, everyone in all day school, Valinda gets lost and/or one of the sweeties needs to be picked up mid lunch (sick, not fighting or anything disreputable) OR it's Lindy's turn to barf :-Þ
I'm the optimist...

tine said...

you let george know Matey and I are proud she didn't puke.

Kathy said...

If you don't have a good time next year, you will know it is really you-not the kids. :)

Linda said...

And, so you really don't like to go to this party? :-)