Sunday, November 22, 2009

We survived night #1

We made it through one night of whining and crying and hopefully we can figure out something different for tonight so we will have less puppy drama. No he is NOT sleeping in some one's room! He was pretty good today only a few accidents off the newspaper and he went outside a couple times. How long is this going to take?

He was a little bit more playful today and George is teaching him how to fetch. It's super cute to watch! She throws the toy and he watches her. She tries to coax him into going after it. She goes over and picks it up. She brings it back to him, he sniffs at it and bites it a little. She tells him what a good boy he is!

I have a million things to get done tomorrow, hopefully he will be okay when the playmates are off at school!


Karen Valinda said...

Did you do the ticking clock he will think is a heartbeat trick? I remember THAT one from my childhood. Depends on the puppy how long training takes... like Wil being 3 times as interested as Moga ;-Þ

wv: arger arg-er tmi which causes others to go "arg..." even when they AREN'T pirates

Tami said...

Awww! George is so cute! Is he an indoors only or indoor/outdoor? will there be a doggy door next to the glass doors next time Matey is there so he can crawl through?

Linda said...

a crate in the garage might keep the whining down(well, at least you couldn't hear it.)

Valinda said...

My bed backs up to the garage wall and it gets kind of cold out there.

Susan said...

Wow lady. I am shocked, but then I guess I ended up with two of these dog things. And yes, they do shed all over everything. I highly recommend the dry swiffer things. You can get the generic kind. They get up dog hair great on non carpet floor.

Good luck lady - oh yeah and consider doggy training. We did it with our youngest (you can get classes at the humane society) and it is totally worth it. They behave a lot better.

Linda said...

when the "friends" go to school, it's a nice time for the new puppy to try out the back yard. Hope you and the puppy is adjusting. Marshmellow really is adorable.