Monday, November 24, 2008

LLT Thanksgiving Lunch

Every year ElCid's work has lunch for everyone in the building the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. This year it was today, which totally threw me off! We were responsible for bringing soda, not a hard job. I bough it last week when it was on sale.

This morning The Plan was go to school, count money from Family Night, change the back sign, go to Target get a new shirt for George to match her new skirt and then go to the Lunch.

Yeah, the plan didn't include putting the soda in the car, so I didn't. The plan also didn't include the fact that it's Monday and I volunteer in Fred's class for an hour. So by the time we got done at school it was 11:15. We ran to Smiths grabbed ice (with a line that took 10 minutes), raced home grabbed the soda, and by then we were about to be late so I told George that we were going to have to skip the shirt thing until later. She said okay. I should have known better.

We got on the free way and halfway to ElCid's work she starts freaking out because we forgot her new shirt. I reiterated we were about to be late and she said doing the shirt later would be okay. Fits ensued until we got to the office.

Once we got there she saw Daddy cried at him and he made it all better. Thank heavens! We went in to lunch and she played the shriek at everyone and not want to be spoken to card which is always good fun. ElCid got all 3 of us plates and George's looked just like mine. I was wondering what ElCid was thinking but whatever she should eat some of it...WRONG. I let her have a snack at the school because she hadn't eaten any of her breakfast so she wouldn't eat any lunch.

After 2 glasses of orange soda, whining and lolling around the chair for 20 minutes she made her weird burping noise which means you have 30 seconds to find a trash/sink/toilet because she's going to barf. I raced her out of the room my hand clamped over her mouth and found the bathroom, it was locked. My mind started racing as she made the noise again and I found an office with a trash can about 2 seconds too late. She got it on her new skirt, huge tears, on her shirt, more tears and on her hair, even bigger tears.

I cleaned her up best I could and whisked her out of the building. Once we got in the car she remembered the promise of the new shirt later and was halfway to hysterics before I discovered a shirt in the car so I could take her into a store. We stopped at the mall, went to The Disney Store bought a beautiful purple princess shirt and made it home without further drama.

Every year we've gone to this lunch one of my kids has barfed, drowned themselves in a glass of soda, or some other disaster. I really am looking forward to Thanksgiving Lunch 2010 when I can go by myself, preferably in a shirt I hadn't planned on changing, like today.


Hillary said...

Awesome. YIKES! Yeah, I would skip next year too and enjoy in 2010.

creeks wife said...

That is awful. I feel for you. I'm with Hillary skip next year and go 2010.

Zanne said...

My school paid for all the teachers to have a a cafeteria turkey lunch on Wednesday - that's how fancy we get it - too bad I had a district training from 7-3pm that day and missed it. Sorry it involves so much drama for you - I think it's a little funny that she still remembered the promise to go to the store. So, was it the only-drank-soda-and-not-any-real-food that made her sick?

The Lowe Family said...

oh my dear...i like this drama!

Anonymous said...

JE remembers the noise from Beki's "thing" and how poorly that went ... for the table cloth and ElCid... I'm with Hillary, don't go next year-you don't need to find out what lurks at the 2009 luncheon with your name on it!!! Poor George ;-{