Thursday, October 1, 2009

October already?

I buried myself under a mound of work and somehow missed the last week of September. I don't think I'm sad. It was the warmest September on record. So far October has been my kind of weather but it's not here to stay quite yet. What have I been up to?

Counting money for the fundraiser at school
(it looks like we did okay)
Working on Halloween costumes
Changing the letters on the sign
Making notes
Deciding what I'm going to make for that thing in WA.
(It was an evenly spaced vote on what to send)
Fighting a cold
Being Mommy Helper
Working on party plans for Jr

... and well lots of other little things, now that it's all written out it doesn't seem as much as it does when I get up and face the list everyday. I cleared a few things off the list today, some odd jobs and I will be ready to help Jen with Katie's costume on Monday. Fred's costume needs to be taken in (I was too generous somehow) and also needs a zipper. She still wants boot covers and fans. I'm agreeing to the fans but we'll see about the boot covers, mine don't seem to turn out right. I also have a paying gig to get done something new, a Wendy Darling dress.


Karen Valinda said...

That's a lot to fit into a week! Plus you teach teenage girls on Sunday, right? And you play chauffeur a lot (sp?) It is amazing how much of my time that takes up and I only have one, well two now, that need to be transported.
Wendy Darling sounds fun!

The Lowe Family said...

lucky you about missing september. it sucked. i'm glad it's over. i'm already dreading september 2010.

OH i need to get those where is my measuring tape?? hmm....

El Cid said...

Yeah for Wendy Darling!