Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Pricing Predicament

I finished piece #1 for the sale in WA. Now I need to decide on a price.

First let me tell you all about it - It is a size 7, the dress has dark brown taffeta sleeves, upper bodice and underskirt with ruffle.

The lower bodice and over skirt are a light sage green embroidered and beaded silk dupioni.

Care instructions are hand wash, line dry, medium cool iron if needed. It took about 6 or 7 hours ( I do need to keep better track of my time) fabric to finish. So what would you be willing to pay for this little beauty? And would you change anything about it?

I'm thinking of taking it with us to St. George and getting Kathy to take pictures of Jr. in it. Her camera is way better than mine and she's a way better picture taker too.

Since I got a very split decision on what I should send I'm just going to send a little bit of everything. My next piece will be a jumper with matching hair bows. That probably won't happen until late next week depending on how Wendy goes.


Karen Valinda said...

I haven't bought a little girl special occasion dress, not on sale, in forever! That said, I expect to pay (hope fervently to find) a dress for myself between $30 and $40 at Ross or Burlington or WalMart or Target SO I would think, not on sale, that would be the price range I would budget for a dress for a grand daughter...which means it should probably be in the $40-$60 range ;-}

Susan said...

Hmmm.... Couture Kids Clothes, right? I would say $80 - $100, but I do worry that wouldn't even cover your time and money. (you would make like $5 an hour at that rate. Boo!)

As you know, putting original in front of something should always bring in more $$$.

Beki said...

K, I took a quick look at Etsy to get an idea for what ppl on there sell stuff for. (or try.) I'd say that Susan's right. There are several that don't look nearly as cool for $75 before shipping.

Karen Valinda said...

OK, so upon further thought and education, Susan is right and I have revealed I lived in the days of 5 cent chick-o-sticks and 2 cent 'ice cubes' (way melty chocolate candy squares that mint meltaways are patterned after)15 cent grilled cheese sandwiches and 15 cent hot fudge sundaes!!! Yes, gas was 20 cents/gal when I got my license ;-Þ

Beki said...

I just realized that I wasn't taking your kind of fabric into account - could easily go up to $120 because it's so cool.

An Wanna said...

K see the issue is I wouldn't buy my kids original cutey clothes from a fancy boutique show (or whatever it's called). Unless I marry well my kids is gonna be wearing cutey garage sale and thrift store stuff or stuff their Aunt made them. =)

El Cid said...

Sell it to someone rich for $500!