Friday, August 7, 2009

Three Potpourri

Is beer sticky? That new wireless company Clear has a commercial and people are jumping into an enormous beer I wonder if it's sticky.

Today Vegas broke a record, for the lowest daytime high on this date. It was only 91. I didn't know how nice it was outside. I was inside having fun with 1st grade teacher and working. The Ranch tonight was cold for my kids but I was loving it!

How did I miss the fact that Billy Mayes died?


Grammy said...

It was weeks ago, you must have been very busy. I had to be told who he was, I knew the face but not the name.
We are also setting record low highs... and it has rained the last 2 1/2 days... Tacoma ;-} The humidity has been hard on those of us who have acclimated to the desert (that includes Le)
I don't believe beer is sticky
What Ranch?

Zanne said...

He died the same week as Michael Jackson, and that upstaged everything on the news. Hmm, when I got beer spilled all over my jacket at a hockey game, was it sticky? I am trying to remember. Beer is made of fermented sugars...and it stinks to high heaven. Nothing like coming home reeking of cheap beer when you are 15 because of some idiot drunk guy dumping half a glass on you from above. I think it was slightly sticky, but not as much as soda.

The Lowe Family said...

it was hard to HEAR that he died because everyone else in the entire freakin city of hollywood was dying that same week.

is beer sticky? i think not. there is no syrup in it.

El Cid said...

If a tree falls in a forest does it make a sound?

An Wanna said...

I have not and will not acclimate to the desert!!!!!!!!! No one likes stupid deserts. I don't like the humidity here cuz it's annoying like KS not like WA. Acclimated to the desert.... I'll acclimate you!

Beki said...

lol, how long has that comment prompt been there?? Beer is sticky when it dries. Stickier than pop, I think. So if you jumped in, you would smell disgusting and then get to be sticky later.