Thursday, August 6, 2009


When we visited MyZanne's house last time Werty & I discussed the fact that he and ElCid quite possibly could be related we had no idea who the common ancestor is. Today MyZanne sent me an email, she sat down and with the help of the gravestone pictures and the internet she figured it out.

Common ancestor: John Egbert (b. 1779) and Susannah Hahn (b. 1786)

ElCid's line:
Samuel Egbert (b 1814 in KY)
Hyrum Smith Egbert (b 1860 in SLC - this is where the generation shift happens. Samuel was 46 when Hyrum was born, and Hyrum was one of the younger kids)
Robert Anderson Egbert
Robert Lindsay (yes my one kid is named after her Great Grandpa he died 3 weeks before she was born)
ElCid's Mom

Werty's line:
Joseph Teasdale Egbert (b 1818 in IN) - younger brother to Samuel, married one year after him, both brothers got married first time in Nauvoo
Robert Newton Egbert (b 1844 in Nauvoo - Joseph was only 26 when Robert was born, so Robert was 16 years older than his 1st cousin Hyrum = generation shift)
Joseph Hollis Egbert
Thelma Egbert - married John Harlow Hendricks
Don Hollis Hendricks
Werty's Dad

So, Samuel and Joseph were brothers, Hyrum Smith and Robert Newton were first cousins, and on down the line. ElCid's is 6 generations from John and Susannah, while Werty is 7 generations from them. John and Susannah both died in Utah, 1873 and 1857 respectively, so we can assume they were converts and pioneers.

Of interest - both brothers named their sons born in 1860 Hyrum, Hyrum Smith and Hyrum Alexander. Both named daughters after their mother, Susannah. Joseph named one of his sons Samuel, and Samuel named one of his sons Joseph - Joseph Smith that is.

What does all of this mean? MyZanne had fun avoiding her lesson plans :) it also means that MY kids and HER kids will be actual cousins!!!! So? I love MyZanne and I've always wanted her to be my family and we really are. :)

Thanks ElCid and Werty! You guys come in handy all sorts of ways.


El Cid said...

Family reunions just got more interesting!

Grammy said...

They also dig big holes (to find broken water pipes) and lift heavier objects than you want to lift ! ! ! ;-}