Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm HOW old???? (a slightly Churchy post)

So today at church I was giving the lesson and it was about scripture study, actually enjoying reading them and applying them effectively to our lives.

In the LDS faith we believe there is a living Prophet today and we receive revelation from him in General Conference. We also feel this is scripture.

We can also receive a Patriarchal Blessing. A special blessing given to someone generally when they are a teenager or young adult. We consider this to be personal scripture. They are recorded when given and then typed up and a copy is given to the person.

I had mine as an example of scripture and the subject of when I received it came up. I said it was before some of them were born, I got it in November of 1991, they all laughed and said well yeah, that was before us, it was also before our older siblings then one wickedly quick Mathematician pointed out that was nearly 18 years ago!

I was honestly stunned. I got it right after we moved back to Washington. We lived in the first gray house right by Baker MS and I had just started 8th grade. I so clearly remember going to the patriarch's house, being nervous, feeling excitement, and then I remember waiting for the typed copy to arrive.

How could all of that happened so long ago? What have I done with all that time? Once I focused back on the lesson it all went well but I was very seriously disturbed - I can't be this old!


Grammy said...

So picture this...
I am subbing in Primary, Karen Calveri is doing Sharing Time and asks when I was baptized - 28 July 1962, the day after my 8th birthday.
She looks around the room and asks if anyone there was born then.
Brother Nalumisa was born like January 1963 and he came the closest. In a room full of adults and children No One was even born when I was baptized. And I wasn't 50 yet ! ! !
Plus You were very young when you received your Patriarchal Blessing, the month you turned 13 - right? So it isn't 18 years yet cutie, you've got almost two months ;-}
You'll always be my baby . . . doesn't really help, eh?
But I love you ! ! ! Eternally, mom

Hillary said...

You are old. Your second child is about to be baptized and mine is learning to stand up :)

Zanne said...

I had the same reaction as your mom - remember that you had your blessing really early compared to other people. I am always being reminded how long ago 18 years was because that's the year my senior students were born. Last year, my car was older than ALL of them, as pointed out to me by a senior in NHS. "Ugh, how old is your car?" "It's a 1990." "That's older than me. That's antique." I refrained from telling the snotty kid that a car technically has to be more than 25 years old to be "antique" or a "classic." The freshman class this year are born in 1994-95...and I totally remember that year! We met the year before that! You really want to freak the youth in your ward out...ask them if any of them know what a pager is. (There was texting before cell phones? No way!)

El Cid said...

That's nothing, I got my patriarchal blessing 20 years ago and I got mine just after I turned 14.

Anonymous said...

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