Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's picture time!!

These pictures are super tiny to conserve space, just click on them and you can see all the fun details - Enjoy!

On the way to Idaho

Day 1 - Arrive, dinner, marshmallow roast

The view from our room

Day 2 - Church, dry farm, cemetery, 500 (the game), playing with Uncle Nate

Miss M my darling niece, I could just steal!
She is so cute and would match my kids perfectly!

Day 3 - Montana, Yellowstone, Teton Mountains

That speck in the tree is an Eagle. The people can't read.

These pictures are not zoomed in. This really is just how close the Bison was to our car.
The caption on the 2nd pic should be "You shall not pass!"
The 3rd pic is the Bison headed toward Hil's brand new 2010 Sienna, it was a tense moment!

While we waited for our whole group to get back together George & Jr built a fort to keep busy.

We watched Old Faithful twice and got soaked in spray the first time!

We stopped at the continental divide and found a pond of lily pads, the girls loved it!

Since I grew up in Washington and dust sticks to the ground where it belongs I used to think painters who painted sunshine streaming through the clouds were bogus, now I've seen it for real I think it's beautiful. That is the Snake River way down at the bottom there.

Day 4 - Crafts & hanging out

My BIL Roger did his best to counteract all the available junk food with his Super Juice, it was soooo yummy! Think Naked Juice just personalized.

Day 5 - More crafts, a bird's nest and going to Logan

Miss M again being darling and Jr's bear from Yellowstone with our Teton magnet.

Day 6 - Traveling back to Vegas

Why are there potty pictures on my blog? Just to show how spoiled those Provo Mommies are, this is in a McDonald's in Provo. They have a mini kid size toilet in the handicap stall! How nice is that!?! George and Jr decided every bathroom ought to have the same thing and I totally agree!

Yesterday night, my sun kissed angel.

Well that's the whole thing we went, had fun and now we're back getting ready for school to start in 23 days!


Beki said...

Cool, I wanna see a real Bison!!

El Cid said...

I didn't know about the Provo women stalls until I saw this post - what will they think of next?

Tami said...

how come there are so few pictures of Fred? or do i just need to enlarge more of them? and did kathy do the pretty hair or are you getting better?

Grammy said...

Tiney missed the part where Kathy wasn't there...
Awesome pictures! I'm with Beki on the bison. Looks well organized and FUN!!!
The sun kissed Jon E harder, he is so dark he looks dirty... I will try to get his picture for your girls ;-}

my bed is calling me . . . xoxoxox

Zanne said...

Thanks for the pic of the illiterate woman standing next to the no stopping sign. Looks like everyone had a blast, bison scare and all.

Safire said...

Looks like a lot of fun! :)

The Lowe Family said...

my old ward had one of those great mini potties IN the cool right? also, the bison is awesome AND i love should have taken more pics of it!

An Wanna said...

I am with AnTami why so little of Fred? Also I can't figure out who 2 of the men are. I think the guy in the orange shirt is Nate but I only met him once or twice and who is the cute guy by El Cid's youngest brother in the day 3 pics? I am guessing he is with El Cid's sister who joined the family after you got married but I'm not sure. The rest I know or had names on them...