Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gimme More!

Sorry AnWanna "cute guy" is Alli's husband Tony. I'm really sure she won't share. Guy in orange shirt is Nate, married to Em, Daddy to Miss M.

Simply to appease my audience here are more cemetery pics, well just the graves of the people ElCid is related to. Included here are his great great grandparents, great grandparents, 2 babies buried together one was stillborn and one died the same day and a great great uncle that drown when he was swimming on a Sunday, see you really shouldn't do that.

You can't read it but this is the guy who died swimming on Sunday 1899 - 1919

Here are a few different pics of Fred. Why aren't there more of her? She was way more willing to go off on her own and not hang out by me. She is still on her way home from the reunion since she got to stay with her Grandparents for 2 other reunions later in the week.

These artsy ones didn't turn out as well
Here's a video with her in it.

I'm trying to get the pj pants done today (it's not working on Sunday, I'm not getting paid) so I can finish Daniel's shirt tomorrow, pack to be gone to St. George for 2 days again, when I get back I have Asaka's dress and then it's tech week!


Le said...


El Cid said...

I think I'm fired cause there's few pictures of you!

Karen Valinda said...

Yes, I was going to ask who to lay blame on for the lack of photos of MY baby!
I had a friend in high school with the last name of Egbert, at least until our senior year when she got married and became Lari Wolf! She doesn't look like ElCid's mom, I paid attention when I packed my senior year book last month, but she was from Missouri in case they have family there.