Sunday, July 26, 2009

We made it!

Since Bunso required multiple fixes last week she made the trip to Tetonia with little complaint. With only a few wrong turns we pulled into the lodge about 7pm last night had burgers and watermelon for dinner. A campfire was built and we talked and sang a few songs wile the kids tried notto fall in. Children were finally put into bed and the grown ups played games. I begged out early and got some decent sleep.

We're headed to church this morning and then just hanging out today. Tomorrow is Yellowstone which means more driving but only a few hours.

We're having fun, not too much without you Kathy, and I'll keep you all posted!


Grammy said...

Where is Kathy? You can't have any fun if she's not there ! ! !
Glad to here you are safe and churching, JE and I just got home from church, choir is in 42 minutes ;-}
ulfispit it is YOUR verification word, I don't think I will be inviting ulfi along anywhere ;-Þ

Zanne said...

Does Fred still need a portfolio case? We have one. I sent you an email about it. Have loads of fun in Yellowstone!

Kathy said...

I am safely in St. George, Grammy. My sister (who hasn't been in home in TWO YEARS) is finally visiting!

El Cid said...

Um, only a few hours turned into what I believe was at least 12 hours and a bison who wanted to eat Bunso!