Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How many more days?


I know you all think I'm gonna cry when George walks into the classroom without me but I think I'm going to be so relieved to have to stay in the state for an extended amount of time I'm going to be fine, I think I'll be fine anyways. I'm still worried about how she'll behave for Teacher Barbie... or rather how she'll interact with the other kids.

We had fun at Kafra & Bubba's parties but I just need to stay home for a few days to get things done!

Jr. has invited 1st grade Teacher & Baby over for the morning and lunch on Friday. I told her she had to help clean up and it's going, okay - it's a good thing we have few days!

I have that last dress to get done so I'm off to work!


An Wanna said...

Did you pay for George to go to all day kindergarten or is she just going for a half day?

Kathy said...

I don't think you will cry. I didn't either time. First grade was harder for me then the piddly two and a half hours a day they spend in Kindergarten.

Zanne said...

Using the pics you posted from the cemetery, I figured out how ElCid and Werty are related! It only took me about an hour online!

El Cid said...

Sanity - Sanity!

Grammy said...

I never thought you would cry Ddonn! I did suspicion that you might be volunteering in her class or hanging around the school more often right about the time she was due to get out but NOT crying, yeesh!