Monday, May 4, 2009

Where I've been since last Wednesday...

Thursday I was home nearly all day - it was weird. I worked on my project (that has to be done by this Thursday- yikes) and did at home stuff, dishes and laundry - blah.

Friday after carpool I hung out in Teacher Barbie's classroom with Baby Shane while the Mommy Helper checked in homework and George had a blast being part of Calendar time.

Then I came home packed up our junk went to back to school, faxed the paper I had forgot earlier in the day, grabbed Fred and Jr and headed to St. George for Kathy's (and Kim and Alli's) Graduation.

It was long and boring like most graduations but there was an incident that sent all those diploma holder folders flying and I had the DS to play Tetris on so it was all good.

Near the end when all the associates were getting their diploma holders the crowd decided it was okay to get on the floor and take pictures from close up and all the Bachelor degrees were milling around, talking or leaving so I went down to the floor to show some of Kathy's friends where she was and to hang out with her at the end. No really. It was a serious white trash moment. Jessica you would have been SO proud! This picture was taken while the graduation was still going on, see all those empty seats, those people aren't on stage.

Jr & Bubba were the usual peas in a pod collecting various souvenirs from the floor including a huge wad of confetti.

Each of the kids found a graduation cap, many programs and Kafra got the score of the evening, a whole "dress" (aka a graduation gown). The confetti went back to Grandma's house where Jr. happily spread it all around for the after graduation ice cream party. The next morning the kids were paid a penny a piece to pick it all up.

Jr. wanted a picture in the "big D" like the graduates.

Friday for the Midnight Movie we went to see Ghosts of Girlfriends Past which really could have been cute but wasn't. Their lame innuendo jokes were badly placed and were really dumb. Kathy, her friends and I were even tired and it still wasn't funny.

Saturday was spent doing stuff, nothing specific because I was woken up FAR too early by munchkins after going to bed FAR too late.

Saturday night we went and visited some new cousins.(Hi Debbie!) It's a friend of ElCid's from high school and his family that we are related to... both of us, I came to find out. They have girls the same age as Fred and Jr who hit it off fabulously well and a boy George's age, she was in heaven. They also have a "baby", 14 months old that my girls totally fell in love with. We went over to their farm where the girls got to ride a pony, we roasted marshmallows and put them on chocolate chip cookies, we talked while the kids played happily and it got pretty late. At the end of the night the new cousins asked if Fred and Jr could sleep over. Their mom said it was okay so they followed us back to the house, collected Fred and Jr's stuff and took them until Sunday after church. (Thanks Debbie!)

Sunday I finally got some sleep, we went to church, then went and fetched Fred and Jr. who weren't happy to go but I promised they could go back again. We had dinner, played cards, collected out stuff and made it home by 9 pm last night.

Today officially started a very busy month full of school activities, Day Camp for Fred and the last push before school is over!!

This week I have to get my project done and Alice started, as well as spend half of every day at school. It's a good thing I like a big challenge!!


Kathy said...

For the record, I cannot recall a "white-trash" graduation like mine ever. People usually don't walk around while others are still walking (even if it is just the associate degrees! :)) It is super lame that they let people do that.

The Lowe Family said...

i can't believe they allowed that. it's so rude. glad u were able to capture the white trashness of the whole experience for us.

An Wanna said...

I am sooo jealous. My friends and I totally wanted to leave our graduation early (bachelors were before NDs but I think after masters, maybe not) but people were in our way and we figured it would be rude so we just talked while they all did their stupid Hippocratic oaths and what-not...

Tami said...

i like the idea of cookies instead of grahm crackers- did it taste good?

plus i LOVE georges face 'isnt it done yet??'