Tuesday, May 5, 2009

rawr! RaWr! RAWR!!!!!

**Sorry to all those who got this story first hand on the phone this will be a repeat**

Today I finally took the time to get George's last 2 shots and her birth certificate. I know Round up is on Friday, I really should have done all this months or years ago.

Her shot appt. was at 1pm (way back when I did her well check they said I wasn't going to need an appointment but when I called to see when was a good time to come in they acted like I was an idiot and told me I did) when I got there they asked for my co-pay (way back when I did her well check they told me because it was just shots I wouldn't be charged again) it was explained to me in very condescending tones because I chose not to immunize her all at once with 5 different shots (cause that sounds like a good plan) I would be charged, had they been out of the shot it would be free. Cause it makes sense for the same shots and the same work one option is free and the other cost me $20... yeah, right. I wasn't happy at all but handed over the $20.

Yesterday on the phone they verified which shots she was going to have and today when I checked in they verified them again. I forgot her shot record in the car so we had to run back to the car and get it the lady at the front desk was totally unimpressed and said I should hurry and implied they didn't want to wait. At this point I was about to let her know just how many hours I had spent waiting in that office over the last 8 years but held my tounge.

We got back in 5 minutes with the shot record waited in the WELL room with two little boys hacking all over everything and got called back a few minutes later.

Once we were in the room I was informed that she wouldn't be getting the varicella shot after all because they were out of it. The nurse got a full dose of my irritation and was totally useless because she didn't know and couldn't check to see when it was going to come in. I had mentioned to the front desk these shots were for registration this week and I mentioned to the nurse that these shots were for registration and without the varicella she wasn't done, neither person really cared, at all.

I said go ahead with the one we'd just come back for the other. It was until the nurse had given George the shot that she mentioned I couldn't get George the other shot for 4 weeks... WTC?!?!?! Why not? She couldn't tell me it's just the rule. NO, REALLY.

I marched out of the room stopped at the front desk and let them know how very upset I was, that I would have really appreciated being informed of all of the shot info BEFORE it was too late and while they did not care I would be unable to register my kid for another month it was very important to me!

I called several people, one being ElCid and got him to call the Dr. office to ask why we had to wait 4 weeks and secondly if there was a list I could be put on to get a call when they got the shot back in. He asked why the shot had to be 4 weeks apart and she didn't know either (don't ya love health care professionals). He looked it up on Google and found out it has to do with the fact that it's a live virus and the process can be messed up if they are given too close together so it's on the same day or 4 weeks apart.

I am still very steamed about the whole thing but really it doesn't matter, she will still come on Friday, it doesn't really matter, she will still get her t-shirt, it doesn't really matter, cup of popcorn, it doesn't really matter, and bracelet, it doesn't really matter, she will still be in the same class. I am very annoyed with the Dr. office for their craptastic customer service. It used to be great until a new company took over a few years back, now it's terrible.


Anonymous said...

SO, is it bad enuf to start asking friends about THEIR doctors so you can find one that DOES know why they are doing what they are doing? I was very sad when we moved back to Tacoma and our pediatrician had retired, very sad. They are hard to find... good doctors that hire good people and act like you are important. sigh...

The Lowe Family said...

this really sounds like one of MY experiences. are you sure you didn't go through my archives and find this somewhere. seriously though, this would only happen to me so i'm glad it happened to someone else.

did you ask the school about registering her without the shot because i've been told that as long as she HAS the shot before school actually STARTS she's fine, they'll still register her. you pobably know more than i seeing that ur at the school all teh time but just thought i'd ask. it may help!

Katie Gubler said...

Hey, I'm a healthcare professional!!!! I try to treat my patients with love and respect :) Sorry you had a rotten experience.

Kathy said...

Katie you are the best! You do not fit in this category of grouchy nurses.

Valinda-UPDATE! UPDATE! I know you are super busy, but I am not. I need entertainment!

An Wanna said...

Well I think that is what you get for making your poor little baby get poked by needles... Stupid needles anyway, no matter what is in them or being put into them!