Wednesday, April 29, 2009

George visits the Dentist

I guess I should have prepared George better for her dentist visit but I didn't want fits and fear before we got there. She was very brave but I know she was terrified too. She was seriously unimpressed with the shot in her gums and the numb feeling that lingered far too long. She hung onto Baby Jakey for dear life during the whole thing but managed to hold back her tears until we got to the car. It was sad for me too, the other two didn't go until they were much older and seeing my tiny little girl so sad and hurt by the experience was tragic.

On a happier note she's good for 6 months - thank heavens!


Kathy said...

Hey it sounds like Kafra! She held it together on her first visit and then let it go in the car. It was very tragic!

Karen Valinda said...

How come she had to go Mommy?

Beki said...

Should be a really good motivator for her then if she doesn't want to brush her teeth, right? Not as a threat, but just as a simple reminder-of-the-consequence.

An Wanna said...

Poor George. I don't like the dentist either.