Thursday, May 7, 2009

What do you want to be?

Career Day was a lot of fun.
(There are about 5 cameras "on" me, I think I looked better in person.)

There's nothing like walking into an elementary school dressed like a Princess to draw a crowd. While I felt more like a Camryn Manheim Snow White as opposed to a Rachel Weisz one, the kids loved seeing me all decked out.

The reactions varied from shy waves while passing in the hall to jaws dropping and fervent dashes out of line to grab a quick hug. I spoke with Fred, Jr. & my Extra Kid's classes. I mostly kept their attention and they asked good questions. They all LOVED their wallets and thought it was good fun to wear Pharaoh hats I borrowed from the stash in my garage.

(I know I said this last year too but next year I will wear a smaller princess dress!!!)


Safire said...

You look great! I would have loved to do that. I'm looking forward to school. :)

Kathy said...

Hey, next year you will be a smaller size and I will be able to wear Sleeping Beauty Blue again!

The Lowe Family said...

you look divine!! now you know why i kept doing that job for SOOOO long. there's nothign that compares to being a celebrity...even if it is for kids!

i LOVE that dress like a million times more than my old one. you've definitely got that one down!

Karen Valinda said...

You look great! I would love to wear that one for you next year... since you'll be needing a smaller size... George is divine btw

An Wanna said...

Your dress is better than Rachel Weisz's dress and your cute child is way better than the cute animals.