Friday, May 8, 2009

Becoming an Accomplished Young Lady

I love reading Jane Austen and I think it would be fabulous if my girls were to become "accomplished" in some of the talents she mentions in her books. Piano playing and needle crafts are at the top of my list. I found this seller on Etsy this week and bought some of her patterns for Fred to embroider. She has already finished one and while she freaked out in the middle of the project that she'd never finish she did and in just a few days.

Here is what she made "Leonie"

as you can see the back is as neat as the front
(she reminded me how important that is)

there are 14 more to be "done" but with no required number to make or deadline to meet she's having fun creating!
I helped her with the french knots and the daisy stitches but the rest was all her.


Kathy said...

So cute! I would love to drop a HUGE hint that one of these would look super cute in my non-existent but hopefully future classroom!

Tami said...

The back looks much cleaner than any cross stitch i've ever done.

Safire said...

Great job! I remember loving this kind of thing when I was Fred's age. Don't know where any of my stuff is, but I liked it. :)

Katie Gubler said...

I am very impressed!!!!

Hillary said...

WOW! That is beautiful. What talent. Bet you get that from your mom

An Wanna said...

That looks very nice. Not being an accomplished young lady myself I just have to check this is like the turtles on the pillow cases in Kansas right?