Friday, April 24, 2009

Save Jessica

My friend Jessica is feeling neglected on her super funny blog and if she doesn't get more followers before Monday she's going to stop blogging! I love her blog and need her daily dose of reality, white trash moments, her cutie baby, flash back fridays, weekly wanna be's, lists of Junk and well the list goes on. Besides I'm pretty sure her kids will be even more embarrassed by her if she really does cut off her hands, as opposed to when she mooched a lunch at Red Robin by forgetting her wallet. Please help my friend and go follow her blog! (while you're at it you should follow mine too!)


The Lowe Family said...

first of all...i love how NO ONE has commented on this. thanks y'all...thanks a LOT.

ugh...whatever. i did go up 8 more followers so i guess that should make me happy. i was just really hoping to get to 50. my statcounter says i have PLENTY of traffic to reach 50 like THREE TIMES so who are these ppl? anoying.

anyway, atleast you love me. oh and kathy? i think we should throw her in the trash since she refuses to follow anyone. wah wah shows up on my dashboard....wah wah wah...whatever. she's a terdball.
but i still like her.

Kathy said...

Nice Jessica. Thanks a lot. I think following is something that the bored people at Blogger invented because they had nothing better to do. I read your blog everyday and have you on my list. I think that should be enough. I am glad you still like me.

The Lowe Family said...

i think kathy needs a hug. she's really stressed at the end of the school year and all this drama isn't helping. here kathy...*hug*

Kathy said...

Thanks Jessica! If you were coming to my part of Utah, we could hang out!

Karen Valinda said...

But I liked Roy Allen's mom... ;-Þ