Saturday, April 25, 2009

Trying to do something nice...

ElCid was supposed to go out of town for Father and Sons in St. George, unfortunately the newest leak in our front yard stopped him but he wasn't home today anyway because he went to work (for 12 hours, dumb financial statements).

Yesterday we sorted piles of laundry yesterday while watching Bedtime Stories and today I actually had a fun plan all in place. We went to the library renewed Fred's card, my card, replaced Jr's card and ... drum roll please George can spell all her "names" so she got her own card. They loved picking books, everybody got 5, and had a great time hanging out. I think they are finally old enough to handle the library so we'll have to go back.

After the library we went to Claire's so Jr. could pick out her present for Fred. Lucky for me they were having their 10 things for 10 dollars sale so we got out of there for not much money at all.

We grabbed lunch at Panda and headed to the park. The "close" park was FULL for some reason so we continued on to the "Far" park. Once we got there everybody piled out, grabbed their food and sat down to eat. Apparently the breeze in the air blew the wrong direction and that ended the happiness. Fred was great, ate her food and was rolling happily around on her Heelys (the hand me down pair we got finally fits her). George and Jr could NOT get along, at all. They couldn't sit next to each other without fighting. They couldn't play without Jr. giving George a reason to scream. After 2 warnings I was DONE and said we were going. George cried but Jr. threw a full on screaming, kicking fit.

She was ordered to get to the car immediately and she went (I got lucky my hands were full) but screamed and stomped the whole way. Once we reached the parking lot she found a rock ... picked it up and threw it ... at the car next to ours ... with a big man inside ... listening to music ... with the windows rolled down ... and she hit the car. It was just above the wheel and I'm sure the guy didn't notice but the murder in my eyes was enough to get her into the car. Once inside I apologized to Fred for having to leave, told George she had 5 minutes to finish her lunch and then she was having a nap and let Jr. know she was done with lunch and would be on her bed for the rest of the day. More screaming and kicking my car seats followed, cause apparently that was going to make things better.

She spent the rest of today on her bed (I did feed her dinner) except for her shower for church tomorrow. I don't know where this fit came from but if she thinks it's a new thing we're going to do she's CRAZY!

p.s Happy Birthday Buh!!


Kathy said...

Hey, this sounds so familiar. Almost like it happened to me.... Oh wait!... I
t Did!
With the child that is this child's twin born to different parents. Good luck! When I warn mine what will happen if he continues to x, y, or z, his new response is "I don't care." Yeah. Good luck.

The Lowe Family said...

don't worry because u did something nice TODAY *wink* wink*

also, yesterday miah almost lied and when i said to him, "miah, this is your chance to tell the truth or you'll get a strike and i'll wash ur LIE out with soap" he said really fast..."OKAY I DID IT!"

An Wanna said...

Maybe Jr just has middle child syndrome. You know how those middle children can be....