Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Fred!!!

Fred is 9!
Time certainly has flown since she came squalling into this world.
Her party was last Saturday and she invited a few friends to join her for a movie and lunch at Cheesecake Factory.
(unlike my b-day our server was FABULOUS)

Kathy & Kafra also joined us so Jr. & George could come too.
( I wasn't willing to juggle that many kids solo)

Unfortunately by the time these pictures were taken Kathy had left with George who wasn't feeling well, her temp was 105 by the time they made it home, luckily I sent her home with a high temp pro!

We decorated Bunso with vinyl stickers (on super mega clearance at Joann) and white shoe polish (I tried to find that window paint but I couldn't)
Today we had "fun breakfast" aka McDonald's fast food (nothing like grease first thing in the morning) and I took cupcakes in to her at lunchtime I was the most popular person in the cafeteria for sure! For dinner we had her choice, home made chicken fingers and french fries. I made ice cream cake so ElCid could have some. She got MP3 player speakers (she has a Zen) and a certificate for 9 songs off itunes from ElCid and I. George got her a little stuffed animal, Jr is going to go shopping this weekend, her friends got her a porcelain doll, a build a frog set, one of those iron bead kits and a notebook.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Princess!!!


Kathy said...

I think shrieking into this world would have been a more accurate description! That baby pic sure brought back memories! Happy Birthday Fred!

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Fred! We sure love you! I can't believe it has been 9 years!!!!!!! Time sure flies!

Safire said...

Happy Birthday Fred!!

Karen Valinda said...

In Fred's defense, she was NOT shrieking or making any noise when her Grandma and her Grammy first saw her thru the window in daddy's arms! We watched ElCid walk in with the baby and we were clueless if she was she or he as he held her facing us. Her Grandma has been very sweet not to mention that in response to her question "Is it a boy or a girl?" the first words out of Grammy's mouth (that would be me) were "With that scowling little face I sure hope it's a boy!" THEN ElCid announced "It's a girl!" He couldn't hear me, btw, but if I had been slower or he had been faster I would have missed* one of the more embarrassing moments of my grammyhood! *Gladly ;-Þ
I have celebrated Fred's birthday week by sitting up with her newest cousin in the wee hours singing and rocking to him just like I did with her, and I told him that too ;-}

Linda said...

Happy birthday Fred! You are such a wonderful young woman. I can hardly wait to see you again; you are growing up so fast!