Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One down ... 5 more to go

Last night was our final Family Night of the year and it was fun for the 25 people outside of PTSO who came. With all of us included there were close to 50. *sigh* Sometimes it doesn't seem hardly worth it, ya know? I'm thinking next year we should do one big thing in the fall (Harvest Festival) and one big thing in the spring and call it good! We do Breakfast with Santa in December and sponsor events like 5th grade celebration (still to come). But it's like pulling teeth to get people out to other events ... hmmm ... have any of you been to a really fun school event besides a carnival?

Besides 5th Grade Celebration we still have Kindergarten Round - Up (we just have a booth), DARE Graduation, Teacher Appreciation lunch, and Pastries with Parents to go. Not to mention 4 more spring fundraiser events.

Elections for next year are going to be held on June 4th, do you think my position will be contested?


Katie Gubler said...

Only by a CRAZY overachiever!!!! Of course they'd be stupid to run against you :) You're amazing!!!! I think you're smart to think about 2 big activities for the year. Love ya!

Zanne said...

Paring down the activities to increase turn out is a great idea. This year my school cut Parent Teacher conferences from 4 down to 2 - in exchange for an additional "Back to School" night at the beginning of the year. (The Back to School Night was twice as long as normal conferences - going until 9pm instead of 7pm) It seemed like the turn out for PT conference was better. Parents are less likely to say "Eh, I'll catch the next one" when there are fewer chances. Kinda like the new Enrichment program, right?

Linda said...

2 activities a year is a really great idea! Don't kill yourself for the PTO, Ain't worth it!!!

Karen Valinda said...

I only showed for Secret Santa Shop and the Book Fair ;-} But I helped really well with those!
You just need photographers at our house that are less exhausted. btw