Monday, April 27, 2009

Brave or ... ???

ElCid was at work at 5 am so he came home really early as well. (The evil financial statements are done!!!) He took a nap, had dinner with us for the first time on a weekday in ... months ... this year(?) and then announced he needed a hair cut. Fred, Jr. and George jumped on that bandwagon instantly. I stayed home to work on Green Fairy and ElCid took the girls on the grand adventure.

First of all George went as spectator ONLY.

I wanted Fred's hair evened out, it was a line and it's getting to that odd stage. There is no before picture just after, don't you just love the surly look I'm getting?

Jr. was super excited to get her hair cut.

She wanted it shorter than it is and I wanted it this length. She was happy just going at all, it was her first time at a "real place", she just finished Junie B. Jones is a Beauty Shop Guy and it got her curious. (Aren't you enjoying the face on Fred in the background?)

ElCid turned out very handsome of course. :)


The Lowe Family said...

the hairdo's look wonderful! every picture i see of Jr. makes me smile...that girl has a contagious happy face.

Kathy said...

Brave or what? It looks like they got trims. I don't see any shaved heads! Okay Jr did get like four inches cut off I will give you that. Fred's hair looks the same to me.
I am glad you did not let George be brave-that hair is too cute!