Monday, March 30, 2009

Say that again???

I was hunting up some pj pants for myself while the girls were also getting ready for bed and George was keeping up on my progress while she updated me on hers. At one point she came to check on me, saw me in ElCid's sweats and said "You can be in Daddy's pants anytime you want cause you're his wife". I wholeheartedly agreed.

Why does the school year have to end with such a big bang? There are so many things I never had to think about before piling up in May! Ack! It's part of the switch from year round to 9 month, we never had to do so much all in one month before, we had until August. :)

I have the Sleeping Beauty dress done and ready to send off first thing tomorrow.

I also have my shopping list ready for trip snacks. Each girl got to pick something Skittles, chips, and fruit rollups were the final choices. Capri Suns are also on the list followed by Moga's choice of Beef Jerky. (She'll be joining us in Boise for the last leg of the trip.) We already have granola bars and fruit snacks. My pick is going to be fresh fruit and Diet Coke. My kids really do know me pretty well.

I have loads of Laundry to finish up so I can get packing and I need to get all the dishes off the counters so I won't come back to a icky smell. ElCid plans on living at work the week we're gone.

Well, me shouting from the computer chair "Please get in bed" isn't working so I guess that's it for tonight.


An Wanna said...

I like beef jerky and fruit too.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that calling out directions from the computer chair STILL doesn't work on my children... all of our dishes are done, I've been practicing ;-}

Heidi said...

I'm so glad you have documented Beth's comments. I'm sure she will love them in a few years!

Good luck getting EVERYTHING ready!! You are VERY brave!

Safire said...

Have fun and good luck getting everything done!

The Lowe Family said...

i'm gonna get in OUR daddy's pants this weekend..

was that TMI? sorry...i just meant his sweats.