Saturday, March 28, 2009

Easter's on its way!

This time around Jr. got the guinea pig dress. While it means hers was done first it also means I will do a few things slightly differently on dress 2 & 3.

I still don't want the random ribbons tied on it like the dress I modeled it after but I think I will go ahead with the little trim that the other dress had at the bottom of the bust line and the top of the skirt ... what about the ribbon ... should it do that too or not ... what do you think?


Safire said...

Awww! I like this dress! She looks so sweet in it. I would add the ribbon just because I like ribbon. What does Jr. want?

PS- Totally random: the word verification is culan and I'm about to go watch Twilight for the first time...yay Edward!

Anonymous said...

Yes on the trim and I think at least the bigger ribbon at the waist... the ones on the skirt not so much, the ones at the "corners" of the neckline I think are out with the changes from straps to sleeves. Very pretty, especially on my sweet JR! xoxoxox

The Lowe Family said...

love it...def add the trim on top and bottom and i think the big ribbon would be beautiful on it..i say add it.