Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A growing list of things to do

George and I went to Sam's club and got the trip snacks. They are in the formal living room so no one gets the urge to break them open before Friday.

I found on clearance a 2 pack of DS games for the girls to play in the car. It also came with a cutie holder, I got it for $30 off, I wouldn't have paid the original price.

I have Mommy helper duty tomorrow morning and then I have to get serious about this packing stuff!

AnWanna let me know where we're headed just got 2 feet of snow so I have to go find all those warm clothes we hardly got to use this past winter.

Jr. liked the cute hair I did for her this morning so we're going to try something else tomorrow. It's fun to spend a little time with just her for a few minutes everyday.

I still have to get my oil changed ... I hate getting my oil changed.


Anonymous said...

You must not have an Einstein's Oilery... they come out to your car with today's paper for you to read while you wait for your turn, let you stay in your car the whole time, have multiple screens so you can see the mechanic under your car and the guy under your hood working and I think if you have kids one of the screens shows cartoons. Course with MY car I have to be in the passenger seat because the place to add the oil is under the driver's seat.
I feel a midnight trip to the formal living room coming on...
verification is tamed

The Lowe Family said...

i HATE getting my oil changed...i usually sit IN the car while they do it because those places are so nasty with old candy machines with mm's with half the shell missing. gag. so gross.