Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This is the point in Fear Factor when the contestant would throw their hands in the air and stick out their tongue out to show Joe Rogan they actually ate all that nastiness. That was a funny show.

The dresses are done! Well I think they are and that's good enough.

These dresses are for the speakeasy scene.
They were designed and shopped for by Sandra Huntsman.


Kathy said...

I kept waiting for "and she approved this message," Seriously though, they look amazing. Is this the reason you never responded to my 5 million annoying texts?

Karen Valinda said...

Lindy, these are AMAZING! I pulled it up while I was on the phone with Jennece and told her she HAS to go to your blog! She just created a blog, I was supposed to ask you to contact her with pointers but you were always too busy to answer - except when I hit you up for Grammy - now I see why... and I told her that too. She is going to link to onceuponacostume, if that is OK with you, from her blog because she thinks you do amazing work ;-} Her idea, not mine ;-Þ Anyway, hers is by invitation only but her facebook friends can click a link there to the blog, JE is one of her facebook friends, I being facebook illiterate *o^
I love you! Great Job. I told Jennece I would have to commission Millie dresses for my granddaughters here and she could have a house full of flappers learning to Charleston! She said "great" but wait til she sees these!

Katie Gubler said...

Valinda...You are amazing!!! Very impressive :)


Hillary said...

I want one :)

Emily said...

Way cute! How do you get everything done--it makes me tired when I read everything you're involved in.