Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Again!

Jr. has been complaining of a toothache for about a week now and we've given her Motrin and put Oragel on it but I couldn't see what was wrong.

Yesterday I was sitting down and she came over to get the medicine and suddenly I could see the problem, a big HOLE in 2 molars (the back of one, front of the other). This morning I called the dentist our pediatrician recommenced for George and they got Jr. in at 10:30.

There were 2 choices have them pulled and a spacer put in later or do a pulpectomy and have them capped. Two hours later she had 2 less teeth, I chose option 1. Afterwards I consoled her with a new movie, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese from KFC and Daddy's cozy blanket on the couch. We have checkup appointments for all 3 in the coming weeks. I'm going to be broke. *sigh*


The Lowe Family said...

ugh. i need to take all my kids to the dentist too. it's been like almost two years.

Safire said...

Oh no! Ugh...I'm so sorry! Teeth are awful. They require so much work!

Linda said...

I'm sooooo sorry! I had a couple of kids with lousy baby teeth and it wasn't fun for anyone. Give Jr a big hug from Grandma OK?