Thursday, February 19, 2009

Potpourri - Mostly about George

This morning I got to baby-sit Rosa's baby in the Dr office while she had her 2 week check on her incision. George and I made it to her house early so we got to change and dress him. He's so teeny! George was amazed that she (5lbs 4 oz) was once smaller than he (5 lbs 14 oz) is. George was very anxious to see him and was only slightly disappointed that he didn't crawl or roll over. She liked "holding" him and LOVED to push the stroller while I steered.

After our outing to the "e-pointmen" George went to go play with K from Church and I had several hours to myself! It was SO nice. I wish I could say I got tons done but I didn't. Instead I took ElCid Panda for lunch and visited him without hearing the singing fish.

I did get to a couple stores but didn't find the fabric I was hoping to find. We got t-shirts at T@rget for St. Patrick's day and I'd like to make twirl skirts to go with them but nobody seems to have cute fabric. JoAnn does online but I don't particularly want to pay for shipping but...I might just have to.

I did dishes, yawn and some laundry, Super Yawn.

It was nice to just be able to do things by myself. I don't think I'm going to have "free time" once George goes to school - I'll just be able to do all my thousands of things by myself.

George went to bed early tonight I was done listening to her have big fits, it's been relatively peaceful since then.

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