Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Easter Dresses - yes already

Okay this is the year they get the same dress in different colors.

Last year it was different dresses in the same colors.

So here is the debate, what do I pick? I'm feeling something simple and understated in an elegant fabric. From my patterns I'm thinking a-line, short sleeve (straight or cap, not puffy), and tea length (between knee and ankle). I like the white dress in the bottom right hand corner of the Vogue pattern. (the first one)

So what do you think?
If it helps your imagination Fred's dress will be pink, Jr's blue and George's green.


Hillary said...

Rog and I like the Lizzie McGuire simplicity pattern. So fun and springy.

Beki said...

I always like the Lizzie McGuire patterns. Sometimes I wish they were in my size. The Vogue one is ok as long as they don't wear the I'm-30-years-old shoes and look on the face. A less full skirt on the Vogue, too, because that's too much for spring & tea length.

Karen Valinda said...

I like the last pattern shown in pink, the princess line is very flattering... could it be shortened though?
Second choice is the white one in the first pattern but it looks more elegant without the overskirt of lace like in the pink one above it but the white has much better sleeves.
xoxoxox aritz

Safire said...

I love the Lizza McGuire stuff. So cute!

Kathy said...

Sorry everyone, I am not a fan of the Lizzie McGuire stuff for an Easter dress. Maybe everyday dress, but Easter is something else. I like the one you picked and the dresses in pale pink/peach.

The Lowe Family said...

i like the mccall last pattern botton right hand corner..the light pink dress. i think it's beautiful! but then again, whatever you make will be!

Emily said...

I like the one you picked. I think it looks simple but elegant. Your girls will look beautiful! Are you going to include the bow? I love bows on little girl dresses:)