Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines Day! (ummm ... yesterday)

Some quick update pictures

All 3 on Friday. George is having a cow because she refused to get dressed so I had no time to do her hair.

Jr. Who got dressed right away and was all ready had cute hair,
which inspired the jealousy fueled fit.
ElCid and I woke up to breakfast in bed. I got a cupcake, a piece of cake and some punch Fred made by mixing orange soda with fun dip powder. Because ElCid doesn't do wheat he had a lollipop, carrots, cheese stick, and an apple. It was so cute listening to them get it all ready and they sang us happy valentines day to you.

After breakfast we gave them their present - a cell phone for them to take with them when ElCid and I leave them places. Dance class, activity days, parties and things like that so they can always get a hold of us. It's Verizon phone like mine so they can call anybody on Verizon. (ElCid's family this means you. :)

ElCid bought me my daffodils and the girls roses.

They painted cookies, they had McDonald's lunch, I took Jr to the dollar store to spend her dollar and I got each of them a red heart balloon, we hung out, played Wii, I worked on the handouts for my class, had KFC for dinner (it was a really lazy day), watched Enchanted, they had baths and went to bed. All 3 declared it had been a great day and I definitely agreed.

Painting cookies, the under dresses double well as nightgowns.
Then ElCid and I hung out, watched Somewhere in Time, Must Love Dogs, and he really liked his present. :)

My lesson went well and I hoped they all got the idea they are happy because they make themselves happy.


Safire said...

Hey, we did B's hair like that the other day too. Fun!

Kathy said...

That was some seriously cute hair! I am glad you had fun on V-day!

The Lowe Family said...

i LOVE the hairdo!! way talented girl!

Emily said...

How do you know how to make everything so cute? You'll have to teach me your fun hairdo tips--You too Kathy.