Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Northwest Kind of Day

It was lovely overcast drizzle all day today and I really enjoyed it, no laundry for the kids to sort. ;)

They had no school so they got to watch PBS Kids and I wrangled with Audacity (music editing download) to make a track for them to sing to for the Talent Show. The song they settled on for the two of them was Connected. It's on the end of Aquamarine & Diamond Castle.

Once I did that (after an hour and a half) I worked on Snow White which is down to hand sewing. Let me just say that sewing on velvet isn't something I'm looking forward to ever again. The collar isn't really crooked.

We attempted to get fabric (to line the cape) at JoAnn but we got there at number 98, pulled number 43 and gave up at number 22 and a half hour of waiting. I got everything I needed at Heddy's for slightly more but in 15 minutes.

I'm glad I don't have to drive in the morning but I have got to get all the hand sewing done so the dress can be on it's way and I can finish the Millie dresses. I also have PTSO meeting tomorrow. *sigh* Why don't I like having nothing to do... it sounds so nice on days like these.

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The Lowe Family said...

u have to pull numbers at ur fabric store? crazy crap that is. u needa come here where ur like th only one in the store at all times. but then again, we have like 5 fabrics to choose from and only 10 patterns probably.