Friday, February 13, 2009

Who Is Citizen Kane?!?!?!

Okay final Jeopardy category tonight was Classic Movie Characters .

The 2 day champion on Jeopardy did very well in the game until he used the above answer as the question to this answer "The parents of this 1942 character were an unnamed mother and a father known as "The Great Prince of the Forest". I was excited I knew the question right off, and so did my kids once they heard the last part of the clue ... "Who is Bambi!!"

The person in 3rd and 2nd place got it and then they went to the 2 day champion guy who had written down "Who is Citizen Kane?" I admit I was laughing big time!

It seems that the easy things (What is H&R Block? I SO knew that originally BTW) are the things that trip up the smart guys on Jeopardy... What are the names of Citizen Kane's parents anyhow?


Linda said...

I have to admit that even I know the answer. Next year you are so going to be on that show!

Kathy said...

I am laughing my head off right now. Citizen Kane's dad was known as the Great Prince of the Forest? Wow, I want a cool name. Maybe I can be the Awesome Queen of the Desert?

Zanne said...

Ok, totally random connection...but Thursday night I was commenting to Werty that "Bambi" has become a name affiliated with bimbos and "loose" women...and it's supposed to be a BOY's name. I guess if you are prince of the forest, people aren't gonna make fun of your name too much.