Friday, February 6, 2009

Feeling Tired

Friday nights are when the whole week has a habit of hitting me in the face.

I'm tired, I'm bothered and I just want to run away from my kids, my job and my other numerous responsibilities. I just wish I had somewhere to run.

I'm just tired really as the title says I didn't get good sleep last night ElCid was thinking about work and for some reason it's hard for me to fall asleep when he does that ... I can just feel him awake next to me.

I better get to sleep in tomorrow!


redheadsmom said...

Hey just use your wii as a babysitter and go back to sleep!

Anonymous said...

We have room Ddonn. The futon isn't too bad for an occasional night when ElCid is thinking and keeping you awake, I am not saying send HIM there


Hillary said...

I totally understand. Reading this I'm just realizing that I'm NEVER getting sleep - even when my kids aren't babies anymore! Ahhhh!

The Lowe Family said...

did u say u were tired?