Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Saturday

I need more Saturdays in my week.

Yesterday it was rainy, overcast, and cold. I loved it but it was also sort the laundry day and it took the girls several hours to get the job done. It's one of those necessary evils and now they have clothes to wear without me digging for them.

ElCid and I had a fun "Slurpee" date and watched Mamma Mia cozy in our bed. I really like having a DVD player in our room for such occasions.

Today we made it to church on time and managed to stay the whole time. We weren't so successful last week. I teach next week lesson #6 Finding Joy Now. Anything specific you think I should include?


Zanne said...

The Utah government people only work Mon-Thurs. So their Friday is a second Saturday. I think the rest of us should get to do the same. :P Then I wouldn't have to teach 6 period three times this week. Here's a quote for you from 6th period. "Why is hell ya inappropriate? Is it because ya is slang?" He was serious.

Karen Valinda said...

I can give you her address... Joy... nevermind. Gratitude for current blessings, however small, is all that comes to mind... haven't read the manual so not sure what direction they are wanting you to go ;-}
I'm glad you had a Tacoma day... wish it would get that warm here! It is spitting tiny little bits of snow... nothing that is piling up, each piece is too tiny, but it is SO frigid out there 31 at 1:30 pm yeesh!