Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chatting with George

My youngest little darling has picked up some charming phrases.

"Them big jerks"
this was said because Fred, Jr., and my Extra Kid left with the carpool without saying bye.

"You're a fatty, fat, fat"
She said that the skin on her leg was fat and I told her nope it wasn't it was just skin, so she poked my leg and confirmed that it wasn't just skin. I'm not alone in my fatness, ElCid was declared a fatty, fat, fat as well. So now I have extra motivation to get back into shape.

She said something else later in the day but it wasn't as memorable...


Safire said...

Hahaha! They say the funniest things!

The Lowe Family said...

eeww...i wonder what she would say about my buns if she saw them nude. scary thoughts.

AnWanna said...

So do you get to claim your extra kid on taxes?