Saturday, January 10, 2009

HSM on Ice!!!

There was cheering, shouting, clapping, fireworks and ice skating what could be better? Oh yeah popcorn and snow cones too! HSM was very fun. We sat behind some die hard fans and I think that made it all the more fun for the girls.

My favorite part was "Get your head in the Game" They even had the basketballs fall from the scaffolding above the ice, it was pretty cool.

Fred's favorite was the 2nd act HSM 2. Just the whole thing. She bought cotton candy with a sparkly silver hat attached.
Jr's favorite was also "Get your head in the Game" she was impressed that nobody got hit with a ball, on or off the ice rink. She bought a light up pink star headband.
George's favorite part was the kitchen scene from HSM 2. When they were cooking for Sharpay. She bought a wand pom pom she hasn't been a foot from since.

When we got home ElCid was in our room watching TV and they all climbed into bed with him. George zonked out instantly. It was cute until it was 1 am and I was ready for bed and everybody had to be moved to their own beds!

Thank you Abuelo and Abuelita we had a blast!!

Tonight is JEOPARDY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not like I'm SO excited or anything!!!!!!!!

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Karen Valinda said...

But mom! their beds were empty... you could have had your pick! And ElCid likes the futon ;-Þ