Sunday, December 7, 2008


Impromptu slumber party!!
As you all know I have C & P here until this afternoon but last night we added the 3 Girls With the Beautiful Hair to the mix and had a fabulous slumber party! There was Pizza, Soda, Ice Cream, Popcorn and tons of fun. :)

Jr. is missing from this picture because she is my early to bed child and about 10:30 called it quits

George on the other hand refused to go to bed and crashed out on the cold hard floor. This morning she was upset I had moved her away from the drafty door and into her bed because she had missed all the party in there!

A random side job
Barbie asked me to redo her puppies' bed tent. It was pink and very happily I found the Zebra print she had wanted at Heddy's. I did it up last night while the kids watched 3 movies - I'm an AWESOME babysitter!

In the Garage
ElCid stayed far away from all the giggly girls by dismantling a part for his car.

This is the new transmission it's fine the way it is
This is the rear end of a Ford Mustang, he only needs the middle part so he has to take off all the other stuff and he has to do it in my garage and it's to big for Bunso to fit past. :p


The Lowe Family said...

i like the doggy bed. i wish someone would make something like that to put over MY princess bed. i feel like there is a major like of girlness in this home with all these boys....

redheadsmom said...

Nice garage decoration! I don't know why you can't fit your van in around that thing. Also, I want a doggy bed for me if it looks that cute!