Saturday, December 6, 2008

Making Christmas, Making Christmas, La La La

Ariel Puppy CooCoonut is happily settled in the living room and is looking lovely. You can tell it was decorated by short people the bottom 4.5 feet are loaded with ornaments, I've moved some of the family ornaments up a little higher.

ElCid taking Ariel off the car
Fred's ornament this year - Liana from Barbie Diamond Castle
George picked Cinderella and her Prince
Jr. picked an Ariel set.
Waiting for the tree to go inside, Jr., P , & Fred
Fred & George
Ohhh, The Christmas Guys!
We have the original set, before it made music and 3 add on sets.
We did lose the Angel :(
Even though putting up the ornaments gets my blood pressure up it's fun to see the girls walk down memory lane as they hang their ornaments. Some of my favorites include the hand print ornament that belongs to Jr from 2001, her hands were SO tiny they both fit in the plaster.

I saw the sweetest thing on NBC Nightly News yesterday - a little girl got her Daddy home from Afghanistan for Christmas. I must be getting old this totally made me cry!


The Lowe Family said...

thats not dumb to cry about thats awesome!! the tree looks grand!

Anonymous said...

Even Buh thinks it looks awesome! How many people still need stockings? Jr and George? Until I saw the picture it didn't occur to me that I don't remember making any stockings after ElCid and Fred's...yeesh! Old people.